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He Just Found Out That His Parents Had A Daughter Together That They Have Been Keeping A Secret From Him And She’s Currently Living With Them

Not too long ago, his mom and dad’s daughter experienced flooding in her home. With nowhere for her and her husband to go due to a lack of funds, they moved right in with him and his parents.

At first, when she moved right in, his dad said that she was a friend of his from the office, but then she slipped up and called them mom and dad, which revealed the truth.

Everyone had no choice but to finally fill him in, and he’s still left wondering why on earth his mom and dad have kept her a secret.

“My parents are unwilling to give me any more information and it’s clear that this new sister of mine doesn’t like me very much,” he said.

“My mother seems to have done a 180 from wanting to hide her from me to wanting us to get along as siblings, but I don’t think that will ever happen. It’s very strange and I don’t really know what to do.”

Why do you think his mom and dad tried to keep their daughter a big secret from him?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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