Her Best Friend Is Married, But He Just Revealed That He Has Romantic Feelings Towards Her

“That was when he let me know he is going to be taking some time away from me,” she explained.

“He admitted he has feelings for me and that he needs space for the sake of his marriage, which I completely understand. I don’t want to complicate his marriage.”

“I am thankful that my friend was honest and communicated his feelings to me. I can’t imagine how he’s feeling and what it is doing to his relationship. Admittedly, it has left me feeling confused.”

She feels ashamed at the same time too, as her best friend has told her about times in his marriage when he was struggling with his wife, and she was there for him through that.

In hindsight, she understands it really wasn’t a good idea for her to be there for him while he let loose the flood gates on the issues in his marriage.

“But how was I supposed to know of his feelings?” she wondered. “I thought I was just being a good friend.”

So, while she and her best friend aren’t really speaking in light of this breaking news, she still feels the need to tell her boyfriend about her best friend’s feelings for her.

Do you think she should if she doesn’t intend to continue her friendship with her best friend?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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