Her Boyfriend Broke Up With Her Because She Gave Her Mom A Card On Father’s Day

Then, following the holiday, the woman’s boyfriend actually dumped her over their disagreeing perspectives. And after she confided friends about the situation, the woman was left utterly confused.

“According to my friends, I kind of deserved it; it made me come off like I think fathers are not as important as mothers, and I should have acted more excited to spend Father’s Day with my boyfriend’s family,” the woman said.

But, to the woman, her mom was both her mother and father growing up. She understands that the concept can be difficult for others with two present parents to wrap their heads around.

Yet, she is still wondering if her actions on Father’s Day were wrong.

If you were in the woman’s shoes, would you have found the boyfriend’s comments disrespectful? How would you have reacted?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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