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Her Boyfriend Went Swimming With Some Girl When They Both Just Had Their Underwear On, And He Lied To Her About This Ever Happening

Stanislav - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

Several days ago, a girl’s boyfriend had a guy’s night out, and she had no problem with him hanging out alone with his friends.

Before he left for the evening, she said to him that she hoped he had fun with his friends and to reach out to her if he, of course, “needed anything.”

Little did she know, this wasn’t just a night out for all of the guys; one of her boyfriend’s friends invited his girlfriend too.

This particular girl is someone that she really does not like and does not get on well with. She really has always been uneasy around her.

“Well, one of his guy friends, who is also friends with me, told me that while they were out, my boyfriend and this girl stripped down to their underwear and went swimming while her boyfriend had gone elsewhere,” she explained.

As soon as she learned that her boyfriend and this other girl that she dislikes went swimming by themselves, dressed in just their underwear, she immediately went to her boyfriend.

She demanded to know why her boyfriend decided to hide this information from her before asking him to confirm or deny what their friend had mentioned went down on their night out.

“He told me that they were never in the water together, and as soon as she got in, he left,” she said.

“From what my friend had told me, the story didn’t add up, so after some more talking, my boyfriend admitted that he lied to me and they were, in fact, in the water together “playing.”

Stanislav – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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