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Her Brother-In-Law Broke Up With His Girlfriend, But Her Husband Still Wants To Invite Her On Their Family Vacation And She’s Not Down For That

Margo Basarab - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

A 34-year-old woman has been married to her 37-year-old husband for a decade, and that’s how long her husband’s brother Brad had been dating his girlfriend named Kelsey too.

Brad and Kelsey started seeing one another in high school, and their first date happened to be her wedding to her husband.

“They were engaged for two years before Kelsey found out that Brad had cheated on her multiple times the year before, and was still in contact and sending lewd texts to the woman he cheated on her with,” she explained.

“This all came out about four weeks ago. The entire family was devastated, and furious with Brad, who told Kelsey she could have the apartment and moved in with a friend over an hour and a half away, I think he just wanted to be far away from everything.”

Kelsey has been in their family for 10 long years, and she and everyone else struggled with no longer having her in their lives.

While she and the rest of their family did try to be there for her as she went through her breakup with Brad, she feels that it is time to let Kelsey go for good.

Since Kelsey is no longer dating Brad, there’s no reason for her to still be in their family, as that was the connection.

Her husband has always viewed Kelsey like his baby sister, and he doesn’t believe he has to stop treating her that way.

Even after Kelsey and Brad broke up, her husband kept inviting Kelsey over to their house several times every week.

Margo Basarab – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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