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Her Dad Took Her Stepsiblings To Paris And Didn’t Tell Her Let Alone Invite Her, So She’s Holding A Grudge Against Him

She shot back at her dad that she felt let down because if it really had come down to being about money, she thinks there would have been a way to include her after all.

She knows that her own mom would have been happy to help pay for her to go to Paris, and she also felt that her family could have offered to go on a different, more affordable trip or paid for her to go too.

She really feels that she was intentionally excluded from this vacation, and that’s a terrible way to feel.

Yesterday evening, she was at her dad’s house, and her stepmom’s mom and dad were over having dinner with all of them.

When the topic of the Paris trip was brought up in conversation, she did confront her stepmom’s parents about not inviting her.

Her dad tried to intervene before saying she should go sit in her room since she was acting spoiled.

She did end up going to her room, and her stepmom’s mom followed her to try to talk to her about everything.

Her stepmom’s mom maintained that they could not afford to send her on the trip, too, though she believes that’s a lie since they are incredibly wealthy.

She told her stepmom’s mom off and kicked her out of her room.

“She left, and I heard her telling my dad that I was very rude to her, so I’m grounded until further notice,” she said.

She’s curious if she is acting spoiled or if she has a right to be so upset that nobody invited her to Paris.

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