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Her Father Is Furious Because She Did Not Include Her Stepmom In Her Wedding Party

“She sat me down and told me that she and my dad did not like each other anymore. She and Emma also had problems. But, she told me I could feel however I wanted to and that she did not want me to dislike anyone for her sake,” the woman explained.

This reassurance helped the woman process the situation without feeling like her mom was expecting her to pick a side. Still, though, the woman’s father did.

For years, her father and Emma continued trying to make Emma the woman’s “new mother.”

And after Emma suffered a miscarriage which made her infertile, she wanted the woman to be her “daughter” more than ever.

“I think Emma held onto some hope that growing up would make me feel differently about her and that she would get to experience some of the more ‘fun mom stuff’ with me someday,” the woman said.

Nonetheless, by the time she turned twelve, the woman had enough of the forced relationship. So, she decided to primarily live with her mom.

Decades have since passed since all of this occurred, but the woman’s father and Emma never stopped hating her mother.

And now, since the woman is getting married, she has had to make some tough decisions.

She decided to do a mother-daughter dance instead of the traditional father-daughter dance. The woman also opted not to include Emma in the wedding party.

But, after telling her father, he and Emma were apparently infuriated.

“They believe I should have carved out a space for Emma in all of this. And that after her miscarriage, I should be trying to include her more. They think the lack of a special place for her makes me a jerk,” the woman revealed.

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