He’s Upset That His Wife’s Boss Called Her An Angel In A Text Message

“When she said yes to working he said “you’re an angel from heaven. I’ll be forever grateful for your help”. To me, this was so inappropriate and a fight ensued.”

“She asked if it was a female boss I’d care and I admitted I wouldn’t. She didn’t see the harm in the comment and said female bosses HAVE called her an angel before for helping.”

He doesn’t see things from her perspective, and he’s really upset that her boss called her an angel.

He thinks her boss is overstepping here, and he’s not happy that his wife didn’t say anything to put her boss in his place.

He no longer trusts his wife to “stand up” for their marriage and relationship, but his wife just thinks he’s insane for having this be the hill that he’s willing to die on.

He has asked his friends to weigh in, and half of them are on his side, while the other half don’t think he’s right here.

Do you think he’s justified in being so angry over his wife’s boss referring to her as an angel?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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