Obsessed With Your Air Fryer? Check Out This Unique Crab Sticks Recipe That’s Going Viral On TikTok

Air fryers are undoubtedly the most popular kitchen appliance right now. From chicken tenders to cookies, people around the world have been loving the grease-free alternative that still packs a crunch.

But have you seen the growing “crab sticks” trend? Vivianne Cafe, a TikToker who shares to-die-for recipes, recently shared a video making her #crabsticks that blew up on the platform.

To start this super simple snack, Vivianne first unwrapped a bunch of imitation crab legs before peeling them into thin slices and placing them in a bowl.

Then, she poured oil and sprinkled some salt over the mixture.

Mix it all together before popping the imitation crab into the air fryer. Vivianne set her air fryer to one hundred and eighty degrees Celcius and let the crab cook for nine minutes. But, be sure to flip the crab sticks every three minutes.

After they were golden brown and crispy, Vivianne simply sprinkled some chili powder on top and enjoyed the potato-chip-like snack.

Her recipe on TikTok reached nearly 9 million people and gained over four hundred and twenty-five thousand likes, with many of Vivianne’s followers pledging to try the intriguing imitation crab sticks.

And in case you are wondering what imitation crab really is: “It is processed fish meat. This crab stand-in has become popular over the past few decades and is commonly found in seafood salad, crab cakes, California sushi rolls, and crab rangoons,” according to Healthline.

TikTok; pictured above are what the crab sticks look like after coming out of the air fryer

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