Professional Pilot Shares Why Airplane Turbulence Is Not Worth Worrying About, With The Use Of Jello

Have you ever feared for your life while experiencing turbulence on a plane? If so, you are far from alone.

Fortunately, though, the idea that turbulence is dangerous is actually far from the truth. Anna Paul, a twenty-three-year-old professional pilot, recently took to TikTok to dispel the myth and explain the physics behind turbulence.

For her explanation, Anna used a visual aide, including a crumpled-up piece of napkin stuck in a cup of Jello.

“Pretend this Jello is the air that you’re flying in, and this napkin is the airplane,” she began.

“There is pressure coming from the top, the sides– there is pressure everywhere. So, when there is turbulence, it is like this,” Anna said before tapping the top of the Jello, making it jiggle.

“You feel the plane shaking, but this [the airplane] is not just going to fall down. It is stuck in there because of the pressure coming from the bottom and the sides,” Anna continued.

And no matter how much she jiggled the Jello, the “airplane” stayed put.

In turn, the pilot explained how you can just “chill there” without the fear of your plane going down. Moreover, Anna shared a super reassuring fun fact.

TikTok; pictured above is Anna in her video

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