She Caught A Guy Messaging Another Girl On A Dating App While He Was Clearly Out With His Girlfriend

He was standing with a woman that seemed to be his girlfriend. From what I saw in the video he was very sneaky when it came to hiding his phone screen when his partner came closer to him. He was also quick to close out of the message location when she walked up behind him.

He even went as far to claim, on the app, that he didn’t get on it often. “Morning! I’m hardly on here, but wanted to log on and see if you were to grab a drink this wknd?” he wrote

She responded, but the video was a little blurry the closer it zoomed into the screen.

“Oh, IDK? Let me know if that becomes certain and I’ll lock us in for drinks somewhere in the EAV area or beltline,” he added.

This short video had a lot of comments on it. Many were just talking about how fast they paused the video to read the messages, and how disgusted they were with the guy.

Others went as far as to suggest that she show the woman the video clip and confront the man. “I would of air-dropped that video so quick to everyone in that restaurant,” one commenter added.

A lot of other people suggested that she might already know that he was cheating because of the way she snuck up behind him.

If this was someone that I was seeing, I personally would want to know so that I could stop seeing that person or define what we both want in our situation.

From personal experience using dating apps, guys use the line, “I’m hardly on here” line doesn’t come across as genuine.

Once my boyfriend and I officially started dating and labeling ourselves as a couple, we both deleted any dating apps on our phones.

I feel for the women in the video, both the one from the messages and the one with him in the market.

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