She Feels More Like Her Boyfriend’s Mom Than Anything Else And She Wants This To Change

“He always speaks to me with kind words and is very physically affectionate,” she said. “I have severe anxiety and he always helps me through that as well.”

“But sometimes it doesn’t feel like enough, he never buys me gifts, pays for dinner, or plans anything special.”

“I know he puts in a lot of effort in the ways that he knows how, but I just feel exhausted sometimes because I have to manage his life or he’ll fall apart.”

While she has attempted to step back and not be so involved in doing everything for her boyfriend, it always backfires as he needs her help or makes “mistakes” that are so bad they “cost him more than it’s worth.”

How can she make it clear to her boyfriend that she’s tired of being like his mom and wants things to change?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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