She Found 8 Used Thongs In Her Boyfriend’s Bag That She Clearly Never Wore And He Gave Her A Shady Answer As To How They Got There

“I take the nasty used underwear and put them all over his bathroom counter for when he wakes up in the morning and start packing a bag for myself and my kids,” she said.

“As you can imagine, all kinds of scenarios are running rampant in my mind…”

When her boyfriend did finally get up 2 hours later, he gave her a pretty shady answer as to how the underwear got into his bag.

He maintained that he got dragged to a bachelor party and when he got there, a lot of girls were dancing.

He insisted that he had done nothing with any of the girls, before mentioning he thought that a family member of one of his friends had to have stashed the underwear in his bag without him even knowing.

He kept saying he was nothing but faithful to her the night before, and then he attempted to turn things around and be super nice to her.

He offered to make her favorite food, and he was downplaying the whole situation. He also flat-out told her that she was “wrong” to think anything happened and asked her to drop the conversation.

“I ask him if he is going to confront his friend about why he wanted to sabotage his relationship,” she continued.

“And his response is “I would rather take care of it at home like a big boy. I set myself up for having a joke pulled on me by going out. This is why I don’t go out anymore. I guess I can if you want me to.”

“I just walked away knowing I will never get the truth out of him. The fact that he thinks this is no big deal speaks volumes and I would like to know how other people like yourselves would handle this.”

If this was your boyfriend, would finding 8 used thongs in his bag be enough to send you packing too, or do you think there’s a valid explanation for how they got there?

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