She Found Out That Her Husband Has Been Writing Letters To Another Woman, So She Decided To Meet Up With Her To Find Out What Her Husband Was Saying - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

Are platonic pen pals acceptable in a relationship? Should our significant others allows us to pass notes with strangers where we carry-on deep conversations with someone from the opposite gender?

While picking up dirty laundry throughout the house, a 35-year-old woman and wife found a black and white notebook folded up in her husband’s hoodie.

Normally, she wouldn’t think twice. However, lately, her husband has been detaching himself emotionally, causing her to feel as though he has been unfaithful.

“He was still acting strangely,” she explained. “I began thinking he was being unfaithful. But I couldn’t find any proof. I started to feel crazy.”

“Nothing weird on his cell phone, nothing strange on the phone bill, he always seemed to go where he said he was going.”

As she opened the notebook, she was stunned to find a handful of letters written between her husband and another woman. The letters were primarily platonic, in-depth conversations.

To her surprise, confronting her husband was easy. He was an open book who didn’t think he was crossing any boundaries.

She proceeded to ask how the relationship started, to which her husband explained how he met this other woman in a deli, found out they went to the same high school, and as they continued to talk, she said she had more to say.

This is where the notebook came into play. – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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