She Found Out That Her Husband Has Been Writing Letters To Another Woman, So She Decided To Meet Up With Her To Find Out What Her Husband Was Saying

As it turns out, the husband and the other anonymous woman have written three full journals full of letters.

Feeling weird, the wife expresses her concerns about the relationship between the two and offers for her husband to write to her instead.

However, he doesn’t want to end his platonic relationship with this strange woman. So he offers to write to them both.

The wife then disagrees and asks how he would feel if roles were reversed. The husband claims he wouldn’t mind if she had a platonic pen pal.

“He said they don’t text or secretly hang out,” she continued.

“They just write letters back and forth. He said he puts the notebook in her mailbox, or sometimes they’ll switch it out at the deli. It all seems so bizarre to me.”

Thankfully, the wife was able to update us as the story left us all wondering what happened next.

While sifting through the letters, the wife noticed a common trait.

The husband would always talk about the children and never discuss his marriage.

She was able to meet up with the woman her husband had been writing to, and to her surprise, her spouse was giving his pen pal the impression that the two of them were separated, still living together, and co-parenting their children.

She also stated if she knew the truth behind his double life, she would have never allowed him to write to her.

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