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She Knew Her Sister-In-Law Was Snooping On Her, So She Got Revenge Using A Life-Size Cutout Of Dwayne Johnson

She placed an object behind her bedroom door. So, if the sister-in-law opened the door, it would be pushed back.

Unsurprisingly, the woman did discover that the object had been moved. That was all the proof she needed.

“For me, that just confirmed she had been snooping again,” the woman said.

So, she finally planned to get revenge the next time her family came over. But, beforehand, the woman ordered a life-size cutout of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson online.

She placed it in her bedroom facing the bathroom door and waited. Then, about an hour into the family visit, the woman heard a shriek followed by a thud and door slam.

The sister-in-law emerged from the bathroom, infuriated. Apparently, she slammed her arm on the door frame after being frightened by the cutout.

“My brother-in-law also made it worse by asking, ‘Well, why were you in their bedroom?'” the woman recalled.

Her sister-in-law never answered the question and instead immediately left. Then, she began posting photos of her bruised arm on Facebook and talking about the woman’s “nasty prank.”

Now, the woman feels a bit badly. She knows that her sister-in-law could have actually gotten hurt and that she is a bit old to be a victim of pranks. Nonetheless, the woman still believes her revenge was hilarious.

Do you think the woman was right to teach her sister-in-law a lesson? Would you have done the same?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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