She May Have Witnessed A Man Being Murdered Before She Was Killed In Her Own Apartment 26 Years Ago

In 1996, a thirty-five-year-old single mother named Diana Ferris was expecting her second child.

Then, on April 11, she was found strangled to death in her Hartford, Connecticut, apartment. Diana was five and a half months pregnant at the time and had a sixteen-year-old daughter.

“My grandfather had actually received the news that my mother was murdered,” recalled Meranda Vandeventer, Diana’s daughter, in an interview with Fox 61.

Authorities discovered Diana with a pillowcase covering her head and a telephone cord wrapped tightly around her neck.

She was pronounced dead on the scene, although police believe she had been murdered days before.

Diana had shared her Garden Street apartment with her forty-one-year-old boyfriend, Harold Rice. Just a few months before her murder, though, Harold was imprisoned following a first-degree robbery charge.

The mother had come into contact with police before, particularly during an investigation of the 1993 homicide that took place in the Dutch Point housing project.

Investigators had reason to believe that Diana was at the scene of that crime. However, no arrests were ever made in that case, and police still have no answers as to why Diana was murdered.

Facebook; pictured above is Diana

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