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She Purchased The Condo That She And Her Roommate Have Been Renting, And Now She’s Asking Her To Move Out

elnariz - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

A young woman has been living in a 600-square-foot condo along with her roommate Caitlin for some time now, and prior to them living together, they were strangers.

She lives in the smaller bedroom, while Caitlin lives in the larger one.

Recently, her landlord approached them about wanting to sell their condo, and she was thrilled at being able to buy it.

“She sold it to me almost 15% below market price, so it’s great,” she explained. “I already gave her the deposit and we will sign the papers in a few days, then the condo will be mine 3 months from now.”

“After me giving our landlord the deposit, Caitlin was ecstatic. She bought champagne to celebrate, told me I’m the best and she will save so much money from now on by not having to pay rent.”

“I don’t know where she got this from, and I thought our landlord already told her how long she has until she has to move out, but it seems not.”

So, she had no choice but to lay it all out clearly for Caitlin: she was planning on living in the condo alone, but she was happy to pitch in and help Caitlin find a new place to live.

Caitlin completely freaked out on her in response to that dose of honesty. Caitlin said it wasn’t fair of her to let her get tossed onto the streets and make her move.

Caitlin then said that she was under the impression that they were really good friends, and if she was in the position to purchase the condo, she would have allowed her to live there completely free.

elnariz – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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