She Put A Lizard-Friendly Spin On The Cowboy Caviar Trend And TikTok Loves It

Finally, Emily topped off her dish with some crumbled feta cheese before mixing it all together.

Then, after preparing both dishes, Emily and Lenny adorably enjoyed their own cowboy caviar together.

Lenny even used the cucumber slices as his own “chip” to scoop up the mixture. How precious.

The TikTok community loved watching Emily and Lenny interact while making the two recipes and also appreciated learning about the reptile-friendly version of cowboy caviar.

Emily’s video reached nearly one hundred and sixty thousand viewers and gained over twenty-two thousand likes.

“I did not realize how enjoyable watching a lizard eat could be. I love him!” wrote one user.

“Lenny eats gooooood!” joked a second commenter.

“I love your page! Lenny is hilarious. I have learned so much for my own bearded dragon. Thank you!” said a third user.

To learn more about Emily and Lenny, you can visit Emily’s TikTok account @Lizzardlenny. There, she shares all types of bearded dragon-related content.

Or, to watch the original TikTok video and re-create your own cowboy caviar, you can visit the link here.

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