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She Told Her Ex That It’s Not Her Problem That He Doesn’t Have Any Money Because His New Wife Could Easily Get A Job

“I asked her why that is, and she told me that while she’s at her dad’s, Amanda takes away her nice clothes and gives them to her kids while Sadie gets the clothes they buy from Target,” she said.

“I asked her if she wanted them back, but she said she didn’t mind sharing since all her favorite clothes were kept here.”

“The problem came when I went to pick her up last weekend. I had a business meeting and couldn’t drive her over, so Amanda offered to just pick Sadie up from school, which hadn’t happened before.”

Sunday, when it was time for her to get Sadie and bring her home for the week, she was surprised that John and Amanda requested a meeting with her.

She went to their house, and Sadie came to give her a hug, but Amanda intervened and nastily told her to go right to her room as her “punishment” was not finished.

She was astounded at what Amanda said, as Sadie never really causes problems or needs to be punished for anything.

She walked into John and Amanda’s kitchen to have a sit-down with them, and they revealed to her that they thought it was not fair for Sadie to go to private school when Amanda’s kids have to attend public school.

John and Amanda wanted to make things equal by taking Sadie out of her private school and instead making her go to the same public school that Amanda’s daughters attend.

“They also said I should keep up Sadie’s punishment because when they told her, she blew up at them, told them it wasn’t fair, and yelled that Amanda and her kids weren’t even her real family, that all they did was steal,” she continued.

“I told them…I would not be pulling my child out of a school she likes, away from her friends, because they can’t afford it. I told them they could easily make as much money as me if Amanda started working in her field because she has the qualifications and the job market is very good.”

“I told them their money problems are not my issue, and if Sadie’s items get stolen again, or they try to pull her out of school, I’ll be taking this to court.”

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