She Was Able To Sneak Her Dad His Favorite Drink Into The Hospital Before He Passed Away

He also had other medical issues that piled on top of each other, leading to him being sick for a long time.

In their final moments together, Penelope promised him that she would take care of her mom. The two of them left him one evening, and he passed later that night.

“He wasn’t there to greet us for the sunrise,” says Penelope in her video. “That’s okay because he was always an early riser.”

Some TikTok viewers weren’t kind enough to send Penelope condolences but instead asked why she would record and post such an intimate moment on the internet.

“I’m so thankful that I did record it,” says Penelope. “I’m so appreciative that I thought to set my phone up.”

“I just hit record, and I captured 15 minutes of mom and I just getting any interaction out of him that we could before he passed away.”

Penelope also acknowledges that most viewers loved the video and appreciates all of the well wishes.

She continues to document her grieving journey on TikTok, recording how she’s been feeling and trying to heal with her mom. To view the original TikTok video, visit the link here.

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