She Went Viral For Recording A Surprising Conversation Two Guys Were Having About Dating And Women

A woman has gone viral on TikTok for anonymously recording a conversation two men were having about dating.

Erin (@erinstagram) was sitting in a booth at a restaurant when she heard two men at the table behind her say some pretty interesting things about what they prefer when it comes to dating women.

Erin decided to set up her phone so that the camera was facing her so that viewers can hear the men’s voices but not see their faces.

One guy expressed how he doesn’t like to take girls out on dinner dates because of how expensive they can be.

“I just started doing coffee instead,” he says. “That’s like a $5 commitment for 15 minutes.”

Erin’s TikTok ended up receiving over 3 million views and 447,000 likes. People on the app found it to be very controversial.

Some loved listening in on the two guys and their conversation. 

“He’s not wrong,” commented one user. “But his tone tells me everything I need to know.”

TikTok; pictured above is Erin in her video

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