She’s A Cleaning Expert Who Revealed Just How Often Bed Pillows Need To Be Replaced To Protect Against Bacteria, Dirt, And More

How long have you held onto your bed pillows? Most people think that a pillowcase is enough to protect against germ build-up and end up sleeping with the same set of pillows for numerous years.

But, one woman named Lynsey– who is known as the “queen of clean”– recently revealed just how often the comfy cushions need to be replaced in an Instagram reel.

“Pillows should be replaced every one to two years since they harbor dirt, dust, bacteria, and skin cells. ALSO, did you know that pillows can actually double in weight because of this? YUK!” Lynsey shared.

The clean expert also provided two quick and simple tricks to test out the life of your pillows.

First, try folding your pillow in half and holding it there for a full thirty seconds. If your pillow still has life in it, it will bounce back to its original shape.

But, if it remains flat and all wrinkled, then it is definitely time to invest in a new pillow.

The second trick is known as the “saddlebag test.” Simply lay your pillow across your arm and see if it bends over your arm.

If the pillow flops and resembles a saddle bag, it is time to throw it out.

Instagram; pictured above is Lynsey in her video

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