She’s A Converted Cat Lover, And Now Her Beloved Cat Is Battling Kidney Disease

Saint Johnsbury, Vermont. Laura Wayne is trying to secure the life quality of one of her adopted cats, Domino, from kidney disease.

Laura described herself as a “converted” cat lover, as she never thought of herself owning a cat.

However, after her family adopted two senior cats at a shelter two years ago–Domino and his friend Hope, they have become her special fur babies.

“My family saw them as adoptable from the shelter, two senior cats that came in a pair, and we were hooked!” Laura said.

Domino, who has received lots of be-loved nicknames such as Dommie, Heem, Heemie, and Big Man, was recently diagnosed with stage 4 kidney disease.

According to CatHealthy, kidney disease is the most common illness among senior cats 10 years or older.

Laura explained that her family has always tried their best to pull through situations that needed money.

However, medical expenses are never easy. With the continued costs of Domino’s vet visits and treatments, Laura’s family faced financial difficulties.

GoFundMe; pictured above is Domino

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