She’s A Converted Cat Lover, And Now Her Beloved Cat Is Battling Kidney Disease

“I don’t ask for money. Ever,” Laura stated. “This time, however, we are left wondering how to make ends meet while still caring for our boy.”

To save their beloved family member, Laura humbly turned to the GoFundMe community for help. “He (Domino) is well loved, and we want to be able to keep giving him that love,” she added.

So far, Laura’s family has raised $2,224, while their goal is to raise $5,000 to cover Domino’s medical costs.

The fundraising post was created about five days ago. Laura has also updated the community about Domino’s health almost daily.

As of July 16, Domino started eating after treatments and gradually improved his health. 

Although disliking the fluid injections required for his treatment, Domino has been enduring the discomfort to make some progress one day after another.

Laura shared excitedly on July 17 that Domino has finally had enough nutrition in his body to have a bowel movement and even had enough energy to scream for his food!

The latest update was on July 19, as Domino was almost back to his whole self before the illness, which gave Laura’s family lots of Hope to keep them staying positive. 

“The goal is to have improved his creatinine levels and rehydrated him enough that the vet can give us a better idea of his prognosis based on his kidney function under more normal circumstances,” Laura explained in her latest update.

The community has also been non-stop supporting this fur baby and his family.

“Give your kitty extra snuggles for me!” Janice Schinkel wrote.

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