She’s Battling Skin Stigmas By Documenting Her Experiences With Psoriasis

“Nothing seemed to help, and I broke down before asking to be referred to the hospital. They diagnosed me instantly! In my experience, doctors will throw creams at us. But, we have to remember you cannot fix the INSIDE by putting cream on the OUTSIDE. It is the immune system mistakenly attacking healthy cells which causes psoriasis,” Claire continued.

Since opening up about her story, Claire has posted frequent updates about her condition and shares her thoughts on other important topics– including dating with psoriasis, her go-to skin remedies, and how she battles her skin insecurities.

“There is no cure for psoriasis. But the best self-cure is acceptance,” she even wrote in her Instagram bio.

Claire continues to educate people from all over the world about the skin condition, and her followers absolutely love her transparency and dedication to normalizing “imperfect” skin.

In fact, she already has over fifty-one thousand followers on Instagram and fifty-six thousand followers on TikTok.

To keep up with Claire on Instagram, visit the link here. Or, to view her TikTok account, visit the link here.

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