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She’s Issuing A Warning On TikTok After She Got Veneers Done In Another Country And It Left Her Looking Like She Had Piano Keys In Her Mouth

Aida shows a picture of them in her video and, at the moment, was assured by the dental assistant that they would look much better once they were shaved down.

It had started getting late, so the dental assistant left, and the doctor finally arrived to work on the rest of Aida’s teeth. This is when things started to get a little crazy.

The dentist began asking Aida all sorts of questions about herself. It started off as friendly and normal, but then he started asking her if she was married or engaged. Aida told him, no, and they carried on with their conversation.

After a couple of hours of working on her teeth, the dentist asked Aida if he could take a break. A smoke break that is.

He asked her if she wanted to smoke with him and that although he was in the middle of working on her teeth, it would be totally fine if she used it too.

It seems to be a pretty clear red flag when a dentist asks if you’d like a smoke break in the middle of working on your teeth.

Aida still joined him on his break. The topic of conversation somehow transitioned into Iranian fruit, and the dentist asked her if she liked it.

He then ran to the supermarket to buy her fruit and encouraged her to eat it with more than five fresh veneers on her teeth.

The dentist then pulled out a big shock – a marriage proposal. He asked Aida if she would like to marry him, and she tried her best to politely say no.

After getting over that hurdle, the dentist finally finished putting in Aida’s veneers around 4:00 am. We wish we could say that the results were worth the bizarre interaction, but they certainly were not.

In her video, Aida pulls up a picture of what her teeth looked like when the dentist had finished. They were big, clunky, white squares. Aida hilariously describes them as looking like Tic Tacs or piano keys.

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