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She’s Issuing A Warning On TikTok After She Got Veneers Done In Another Country And It Left Her Looking Like She Had Piano Keys In Her Mouth

If you think that you have one of the worst dentist visit stories out there…think again.

A young woman named Aida (@aida_azizii) on TikTok made a four-part series of videos about her recent experience when she impulsively decided to get her teeth done in a foreign country.

Aida was visiting family in Iran and could not get over how amazing everyone’s teeth looked. Her female cousins were all beautiful and, on top of it, had perfect smiles. Aida really wanted to have teeth like theirs and was told that she should get veneers.

Aida’s cousins tried contacting their go-to dentist, but he was unavailable. That’s when someone suggested going to the dentist of a mutual friend.

Here is where Aida made her mistake – she booked a 7:00 pm appointment with this strange dentist’s office without looking up their social media or any customer reviews.

Aida arrived at the appointment and was taken back to get her teeth worked on by the dental assistant.

The dental assistant encouraged Aida to pick out the whitest shade of veneers because they would fade over time. That was another mistake.

The assistant worked on Aida’s first four bottom teeth, and they were a mess. The four teeth were way too big and were pushing down on her gums.

TikTok; pictured above is Aida

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