The #BleachedBrow Filter Trend Has Prompted Many TikTokers To Dye Their Brows In Real Life

First, it was Snapchat; now, it’s TikTok. The video platform has quickly become known for its plethora of filter options.

Some add special effects to your footage, while others allow creators to participate in quizzes and games. But, the most popular filters are those that alter your appearance.

TikTok’s face-altering filters have come under fire in the past for basically photoshopping users’ proportions to fit the Western beauty standard.

But, the newest filter trend is beloved by all– and is actually prompting TikTokers to change their appearance in real life.

The filter, known as “light brows,” will digitally change any user’s eyebrow color to a bleached blonde tone.

And at first, the trend took off because people were curious about how a lighter brow color would suit their complexion.

But now, the initial curiosity has transformed into tons of people actually bleaching their brows in real life. #BleachedBrows even has over eighty million views on the platform.

Creators such as @VanillaMace, @Mikayla_Matt, and @GemmaGarc1a also documented their brow bleaching process for millions of viewers across the globe.

TikTok; pictured above is @Mikayla_Matt, in her video

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