The Chula Vista Community Is Compensating This California Teen For His Act Of Kindness

A teenager from Chula Vista, California, has restored community members’ faith in humanity.

The seventeen-year-old named Adrian Rodriquez stumbled upon a woman’s purse left in a local grocery store cart.

Instead of leaving it behind or, worse, stealing from it, Adrian carefully looked for identification. Afterward, he drove to the owner’s home– named Eliana Martin– to return the item.

In recently-shared Ring doorbell footage, you can see Adrian ring the home’s doorbell while three dogs bark at him from behind a nearby gate.

The purse’s owner was not home, so he left it with another roommate who also lives at the house. But, the woman was initially confused and just thanked Adrian before he left.

After the group of roommates realized what happened, they decided the at-the-time unidentified young man deserved a reward for his act of kindness. They took to Facebook, and the Chula Vista community quickly tracked him down.

Even more amazingly, the women organized a GoFundMe campaign describing the courteous act and asked the community to raise a reward for Adrian.

“We think he deserves a great compensation. Please share so we can let his story be told; he was raised by amazing parents, and this needs to be shared,” the campaign read.

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