The Chula Vista Community Is Compensating This California Teen For His Act Of Kindness

The fundraiser had an initial goal of one thousand dollars. Now, over four hundred and fifty donors have surpassed that by over eight hundred percent– earning Adrian just over eight thousand and six hundred dollars.

People from the Chula Vista community and beyond have continued to praise Adrian’s commitment to “doing the right thing.”

“Thank you for doing the right thing, young man! So proud of your choice! Keep making the right choices throughout life, and good things will continue to come to you. Good choices equal good consequences,” wrote Mary Whelan, who donated fifty dollars.

“This story made me cry. There is so much sadness in the world and on the news. Reading this story put a smile on my face and a tear down my cheek. Kudos to this young man and those who raised him,” said another donor, Cheri Davis, who donated ten dollars.

Adrian’s fundraiser is still accepting donations despite surpassing its goal. To donate to the young man’s reward, visit the GoFundMe link here.

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