These Sisters Got To Stay In A $25 Million Dollar L.A. Mansion For Free

“Especially in L.A.,” her sister added.

And after they all got to talking, the men eventually shared how they work in real estate and built a gorgeous mansion that happened to be just up the road. If you could not have guessed, the men then asked the girls if they wanted to see it– and even offered to let them shoot content inside.

“They drove us up; we had a look. It is the most breathtaking house you have ever seen in your entire life. Neither of us has ever been in such a beautiful environment,” Lana said.

The girls received a full tour, learned what celebrities lived next door, and were “absolutely gobsmacked,” as Lana put it.

“Actors, actresses, businessmen– big names. So we were very overwhelmed,” Lana explained.

Nonetheless, the guys were about to leave Lana and her sister to film their Instagram content before learning the girls were staying quite far away. The men allegedly “glanced at each other” before offering up the $25 million home.

“You do not have to take us up on this, but we would be happy for you to stay in the house,” one of the guys said.

The girls were taken aback and awestruck yet again. Allegedly, though, they did not decide on the spot.

“We did not actually make a decision straight away because we were thinking it was insane and that we just met these guys. So, we slept on it,” Lana said.

And after staying one more night in their Beverly Hills hotel room, the girls decided “life is too short.”

“We got no weird vibes from them; we felt comfortable. So, we got confirmation that we could stay, packed up our bags, and came over here,” Lana explained.

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