This Australian Tennis Star Almost Took Her Own Life A Few Weeks Ago And She Courageously Opened Up About Her Mental Health On Instagram

Although Jelena was able to grow and create one of the world’s greatest tennis careers for herself, she still struggled with depression and dark thoughts.

She describes a particularly difficult time period in her life, saying, “The last six months have been tough.”

“It’s been constant crying everywhere. From hiding in the bathroom when at work to wipe away my tears so that nobody sees it to the unstoppable crying at home within my four walls has been unbearable.”

It got to the point where on April 28th, Jelena came extremely close to jumping off her balcony on the 26th floor of her building. Looking back on it, Jelena describes that she will never forget that dark day.

“I pulled myself off the edge. I don’t even know how I managed to do it. Getting professional help saved my life,” she explains.

Jelena then goes on to write about how important it is that not only athletes but everyone in the world strive to be more honest and vulnerable when it comes to talking about mental struggles.

That although her briefly sharing her balcony story may seem intense, the more candid people become about these kinds of things, the less alone others may feel.

“I am writing this because I know I am not the only one struggling,” Jelena says. “I’m fighting, and I believe I can get through this.”

“Here is to fighting and surviving to live and see another day.”

Thank you for your bravery, Jelena. To view Jelena’s Instagram post, visit the link here.

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