This Dinner Time Game Will Take The Fuss Out Of Family Meals For Kids

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Is mealtime a struggle for your family? If so, you are not alone. Getting your younger children to sit still and eat their food during a family meal can be extremely tough. Thankfully, the Watson Institute– a Pennsylvania-based special needs education resource organization– has shared its “Sitting At Supper” strategy.

The following plan is meant to engage children’s impulses that may distract from their eating while also motivating kids to partake in mealtime conversations.

First, it helps if children have some say in what they will be eating. So, the Watson Institute advises parents to create a “Choice Menu.”

This menu should only include items that you know your child will eat– making the entire process that much smoother.

Afterward, create a menu sheet that includes the name of the food items, a photo, and an area to place a “check mark.”

Next, immediately get your child involved in dinner prep.

“Tell your child you need them to plan the evening’s meal. Allow them to choose the items, gather each item, and organize them in the kitchen. If possible, have him assist in the cooking,” the Institute states.

This first half of the process will already help your child become excited about mealtime and feel like they played a role in the creation of the food.

Now, the second half is all about active engagement while the meal is being eaten. To prepare for this activity, you should locate three containers– such as cups, cans, or jars.

dmitriisimakov – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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