This Dinner Time Game Will Take The Fuss Out Of Family Meals For Kids

Afterward, label the containers accordingly: “First Turn to Talk,” “Second Turn to Talk,” and “All Done.”

Next, gather popsicle sticks or pieces of paper and write each family member’s name on one. Finally, you are ready for dinner.

“After everyone is served, tell the family that you are playing a game and that your child will be in charge of helping. The game begins after everyone takes two bites of dinner,” the Institute explained.

Next, have your child draw one stick from the first container and read out that family member’s name– for example, dad.

In this case, dad would get a turn to tell the family a fun fact, a story about his day, or something he is excited about.

Once dad is finished speaking, his popsicle stick would get placed in the next container.

This cycle would continue until every family member is called upon and reaches the “All Done” container.

The only rule is that in between each turn, each person must take two bites of their meal and eat slowly before the next turn.

By making a game out of mealtime, you can help manage your child’s inclination to play with toys or fidget.

Plus, redirecting this energy into a positive family game will ensure that your child has a full belly and allows each family member an opportunity to talk with the group.

To learn more about this helpful mealtime strategy, you can visit the Watson Institute’s resource page linked here.

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