This Dog Has Already Gone Through 4 Intense Surgeries To Save His Life And He’s In Need Of A Fifth One Soon

If you are someone who has a special companion in your life, you understand how important our animals are to us, and when something goes wrong with them, it’s the end of the world.

Most of us will do anything for our animals. They are our best friends and often hugely impact our lives.

A family has been in this exact position for almost nine years with their dog HeyZeus. 

HeyZeus has been in and out of vet care ever since his owners, Johanna Miller and Timm McIntosh, brought him in. In the beginning, their pup was only 11 pounds and extremely sickly.

Over the nine years, HeyZeus has had four surgeries to save his life, and now he is looking at number 5.

While the family has been able to afford all four surgeries, they now need our help to complete the 5th procedure.

Since birth, HeyZeus has had urinary incontinence, which is where the first surgery came in. During this procedure, they attempted to fix his ectopic ureter. Unfortunately, the surgery did not solve the issue, which has caused HeyZeus to remain in diapers since.

In December of 2021, the pup had more than 30 bladder stones removed only to have an emergency surgery 6 months later where they would remove more stones and ultimately save his life.

GoFundMe; pictured above is HeyZeus

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