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This Female Delivery Driver Only Received A $20 Tip On An Order That Cost Close To $1,000

Soon after, the contact person arrived, and the man watched as they made the woman carry nearly all of the food upstairs by herself.

In an effort to help, he even took a couple of boxes for the woman before returning to his post.

Later, the woman finally returned to the lobby and showed the man a photo of her delivery setup.

“I got it all up there and set it up real nice for them,” the woman said, “They only tipped me twenty dollars. I just said thank you and left.”

The man felt terrible for her. He immediately asked for her Cashapp and sent her fifty dollars.

The woman hugged him and remained hopeful– saying that she believed his kindness was a sign her day would get better.

Nonetheless, the man wants people to know delivery drivers deserve to be properly compensated.

“If someone is going to whip out a company credit card, make a giant catering order and not even give the minimum eighteen percent tip to the delivery driver who loaded it into their vehicle, used their own gas to deliver it, lugged it upstairs and set it up, you are a total jerk,” the man said.

Have you ever been undertipped? Do you think it is possible to change “tip culture” and ensure that delivery people are rightfully compensated for their hard work?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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