This Girl’s Date With A Youth Pastor Ended With A Shocking Twist

It seems like first dates nowadays only go extremely well or horribly wrong, depending on who you ask.

One woman named Jules recently discussed her own unfortunate experience after going on a date with a Youth Pastor.

She thought they had a really great time. But he, apparently, did not.

Jules vlogged her thoughts before and after the date and shared them with the TikTok community. And let’s just say from her enthusiasm and hopefulness, we did not predict the ending.

“Tonight I have a date with a youth pastor– love that! We are going for wings and beer because we both talked about how much we love wings and how much we love beer,” Jules began.

It seemed like the pair was off to a good start. The man even chose their date destination, which Jules really appreciated.

“I like a guy who takes initiative,” she explained. Understandable.

And after the two set out on their date, Jules began to update her followers from the inside. She shared how the date was going “really well” and that the man even invited her out for ice cream after dinner.

TikTok; pictured above is Jules

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