This Injured Piglet Appears To Have Been Nearly Sacrificed, But Now He’s Getting To Live The Rest Of His Life In A Sanctuary

“Meowsquad, a local cat rescue, reached out to John Debacker and Karenlynn Stracher, two very well-known rescuers who have saved animals of a variety of species throughout NYC and Long Island. They dropped everything and ran over to assist.”

The community rushed to save the piglet’s life as they cut down the fence and rescued this terrified animal.

The poor piglet, who now goes by Bacon, was then assessed by a veterinarian. After review, the doctor noted that Bacon was roughly 2 1/2 months old.

Bacon is a Yorkshire farm pig and will eventually reach 400 pounds!

Unfortunately, no sanctuary would take Bacon in at the time as the piglet was facing severe diarrhea due to parasites and bilateral conjunctivitis and covered in fleas.

Karenlynn Stracher volunteered to care for Bacon until he was healthy and accepted into a sanctuary.

Until then, the process would come with a hefty bill that included care and food.

“Karenlynn is a wildlife rehabilitator who often pays out of her own pocket to save animals,” Stephanie continued.

“We don’t want (and she shouldn’t have to) take on the burden of paying for all of Bacon’s expenses alone.”

On June 30, 2022, Stephanie Castro blessed us with an update that Bacon was able to make it into a sanctuary!

He will now find a forever home at Safe Haven Farm Sanctuary, which is known for earning the highest rating possible for its ethical and compassionate treatment of animals.

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