This Rescue Cat Was Diagnosed With A Fatal Disease, But His Family Researched Treatments To Help Prolong His Life

While casually walking and exploring on their impromptu vacation to Atlanta, Georgia, a family stumbled upon a cat cafe with no intention of taking home a furry friend.

As they were visiting the beautiful cafe, they fell in love with a giant orange tabby cat named Gumbo.

However, since they were traveling across the country, they returned to the hotel with the mindset that adopting Gumbo may not be feasible then.

Once they arrived back at their hotel, they could not resist the idea of adopting Gumbo, so they called the cafe for assurance that their furry friend was still available.

As soon as they heard the good news, they instantly applied to adopt Gumbo, and to their surprise, it was accepted.

While they were hoping for a smooth transition once they landed in Colorado, things began to take a turn for the worst. 

Gumbo started to shed, which at first, they thought was natural due to climate change. This was until Gumbo’s health began to decline quickly. He was lethargic and refused his food.

The family tried their best to nurse him back to health. But then they noticed his body composition began to change. The chunky and fluffy cat they once knew became a thing of the past.

GoFundMe; pictured above is Gumbo

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