This TikToker Shared The Time A Boomer Accused Her Of Stealing Change At The Drive-Thru Window

Mikey Skates, a creator on TikTok, recently posted a now-viral spoof about boomers paying at checkout counters. He joked about how older folks always drastically overtip on their cheap purchases.

And while the video spurred tons of hilarious comments and reaction videos, one woman named Alex shared her awful experience with an over-tipping boomer back when she was just sixteen years old.

She had worked at an ice cream shop part-time during high school when, one day, a woman ordered a vanilla cone at the drive-thru intercom.

“It was only two dollars,” Alex recalled.

Nonetheless, once the woman pulled up to the service window, she paid with a crisp one hundred dollar bill.

“I first handed her the cone while I was getting her change because it was going to take a while, and I did not want her cone to melt since we lived in Florida,” Alex explained.

But, when she turned around to hand back the ninety-eight dollars of change, the woman was already gone.

Alex was not sure if the woman meant to tip her all of that cash. So, she simply followed her ice cream shop’s protocol.

TikTok; pictured above is Alex in her video

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