To Emoji Or Not To Emoji: TikTokers Discuss Their Corporate Email Styles

Entering the corporate world can be intimidating. You might be stressed about your company’s culture, unsure if your wardrobe is their definition of “business-casual,” or just worried about finding your groove.

But no matter who you are, if you work in corporate, then you have had to decide on your “email style.”

What is your go-to greeting and closer? Do you use periods, exclamation points, or a mix of the two? And are you an “emoji person?”

There are no hard and fast rules to conquering the corporate email game. But, one TikToker named Hattie has suggested that mirroring your coworkers’ email style is the way to go.

“POV: You’re a corporate twenty-something who doesn’t put a blushing face after everything, and instead just copies how your coworkers’ message,” Hattie wrote in her now-viral TikTok.

She also shared some screenshots of herself bluntly messaging things such as “I have no clue” and “works for me.”

The video reached 1.6 million people, gained seventy-seven thousand likes, and prompted hundreds of comments about how to best email in corporate America.

Some users completely relate to Hattie and play off of their coworkers’ energy.

TikTok; pictured above is Hattie in her video

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