Two California Junior Lifeguards Helped Rescue A Pilot After A Banner Plane Collided With The Surf

This past Friday, at about 1:30 p.m., a small banner plane was flying over Huntington Beach, California, to promote a tequila brand.

But, the common beach sight quickly turned into an emergency after the plane unexpectedly crashed into the surf.

Beachgoers said that the plane– a single-engine Piper Cub– made nearly no noise as it descended from the air and collided with the water.

But thankfully, two Huntington Beach junior lifeguards– Jake and Aidan– were walking down the beach right when the crash occurred.

They quickly jumped into action, grabbed lifeguard boards, and made a beeline toward the water-logged plane.

The pilot was somehow able to free himself before the lifeguards placed him on Aidan’s board. Then, they tried to ascertain the pilot’s health state and personal information.

“When he got on my board, he had a small cut on his head. I kept asking him, ‘Hello, sir? Are you okay?’ We were just going over things trying to learn information about the person and what could have happened,” Aidan explained.

But, the pilot was understandably frozen in shock and was unable to relay much information.

Huntington Beach Fire Department; pictured above is the plane

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