Wealthy New Yorkers Seek Costly Bladder Surgeries In An Effort To Curb Bathroom Pit Stops On Their Way To The Hamptons

And once spring rolls around, Dr. Shusterman experiences an influx of patients looking to reduce their flow. In fact, his office saw a twenty percent spike in patients this spring alone.

“I do not see them until around May. Then, all of a sudden, May comes around, and they care more,” Dr. Shusterman explained.

On average, he has been performing about ten PAE procedures and one or two bladder Botox procedures each week.

And while frequent urination is a widespread issue amongst the older population– affecting over 25 million adult Americans– medically fixing the issue is definitely not within most people’s budget.

Undergoing PAE can cost up to twenty thousand dollars out of pocket if your insurance does not cover the procedure.

And while bladder Botox’s exact price will depend upon the amount injected, the effects of the procedure will only last about six months. In turn, it will likely become a recurring expense each summer.

So if you plan to travel out east this summer but don’t want to shell out some serious cash, perhaps begin your trip at an off-peak time and remember not to slurp down too many beverages along the way.

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