While He Was Proposing, He Accidentally Dropped The Engagement Ring In A Lake

A romantic lakeside at sunset sounds like the perfect proposal location, right? That’s what one man named Ross Bamber thought.

When he went to pop the question to his now-fiancé Geri Ashforth, the ring had other plans.

While standing on a deck that looks out over the lake, Ross went to pull out the ring box before going down on one knee.

But, as he opened the box in true rom-com movie style, you can hear the ring fly out and fall beneath the cracks of the deck.

The UK couple shared the moment they realized the ring was gone in a now-viral TikTok.

“That’s not what I think it was, was it?” you can hear Geri say after the ring drop.

The video reached 4.1 million viewers and gained over two hundred and thirty thousand likes. Commenters from around the globe empathized with the couple while also cracking some light-hearted jokes.

“Well, that was expensive,” joked one user.

TikTok; pictured above is the moment when Ross proposed

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