37 Years Ago, This College Girl Was Found With Her Throat Slashed In A Cornfield While On A Trip To Meet Up With A Guy She Met On Spring Break

In August of 1985, Kristin O’Connell was a twenty-year-old attending college in Minnesota.

Earlier that year, she had traveled to Captiva Island, Florida, over spring break and met a young man with whom she hit it off.

So, they remained in touch and coordinated another meet-up following the end of the semester.

And on August 15, she traveled to a small town located in the Finger Lakes known as Ovid, New York, to see the man. But, within twenty-four hours, something went very wrong.

The day after Kristin arrived in Ovid, she reportedly called her mother via payphone and detailed how she would be cutting her trip short. In fact, Kristin planned to travel back to Minnesota the very next day.

But, later that evening, she disappeared– and would never be seen alive again.

The man Kristin was visiting did not report her missing until thirteen hours later the following morning. He claimed that at about 11:30 p.m., she wanted to go for a walk alone and left his trailer.

However, Kristin was in an unfamiliar town, walking down an unlit road, and left without her shoes or purse.

GoFundMe; pictured above is Kristin

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