A 5-Year-Old From Alabama Gave His Neighborhood A Fright After Walking Down The Street In A Chucky Costume

The response utterly shocked Kendra, who described her intentions behind the post as being “just for fun” in an interview with Today.

“At first, it [the post] was private,” Kendra explained.

“Then, a friend asked me to make it public, and after that, it has been crazy. I can rarely check my notifications because so many are on the Chucky post.”

Nonetheless, the Facebook community absolutely loved this end-of-summer dose of the creeps.

“OMG! This is awesome,” commented one user.

“So hilarious!” wrote a second user.

“I love this. I am going to buy my son a costume!” said a third user, followed by some laughing emojis.

But, Kendra was also shocked to see how many hate comments the post received.

Some Facebook users condemned the child’s mother for letting him walk down the street alone, while others claimed the costume was not funny at all.

Still, other commenters did step up and defend the five-year-old’s joke and his mother– who eventually commented on the post, too.

“A lot of ‘Karens’ and ‘Kyles’ are getting offended… but kids are only kids once. Make it fun for them!” wrote one supportive user.

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