A 91-Year-Old English Professor Went Viral After Successfully Adapting To Remote Teaching Amidst The Pandemic

For many teachers and professors, the COVID-19 pandemic felt like a sink-or-swim moment.

Not only were students pushed to adjust to novel remote learning formats, but instructors also had to learn to teach and engage with students using the latest technology.

But for one ninety-one-year-old English professor, the learning curve was not too steep.

Charles Krohn has been teaching at the University of St. Thomas in Houston, Texas, for over fifty years.

But, when remote learning became the new normal, much of Charles’ previous experience was being tested by technology.

So, whenever he would have computer problems, his daughter, Julia, would invite him over to help. And one afternoon, she even took a quick photo of her father trying to adjust to the new teaching style without missing a beat.

In the photo, Charles sat in front of an iMac desktop computer donning a dress shirt and trousers with his legal pad and coffee cup at the ready.

And for Julia, seeing her father teach again was an equally remarkable experience. She had not seen him teach in person for over twenty years.

Facebook; pictured above is the photo of Charles that Julia shared

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