A Florida High School Teacher Was Arrested After A Teen Who Went Missing Last Friday Was Found Hidden In Her Home And She Allegedly Was Aware That This Boy Was Reported Missing

On Friday, August 12, parents of a Charlotte County, Florida teen reported their son missing.

And for five days, the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office and the boy’s parents frantically tried to locate him.

Then, on August 17, detectives received a tip from the boy’s parents that pointed them toward the home of Charlotte High School teacher Kelly Simpson.

Once inside, authorities did locate the missing boy within Simpson’s home.

Then, officers placed her under arrest for one count of interfering with the custody of a minor. She has since been bonded for five thousand dollars.

Simpson allegedly picked the teen up from an unknown location before she concealed his whereabouts from both police and the boy’s family despite her allegedly being aware of his missing and endangered status.

Following the arrest, the Charlotte County Public Schools Public Information Officer has since issued a statement regarding Simpson’s employment status in the school district.

“Charlotte County Public Schools takes an incident such as this very seriously. The safety, protection, and well-being of our students are a top priority,” the statement began.

Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office; pictured above is Kelly

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