A Former Four-Star Hotel Housekeeper Spilled The Beans About What Is Not Cleaned In Hotel Rooms, And It’s Disgusting

Staying at a nice hotel can be a great way to relax and unwind with family, friends, or a partner. But, most people understandably worry about how clean the rented rooms truly are– which pushes many vacationers to opt for nicer hotels with higher price tags.

After all, they are supposed to have a higher standard of cleanliness, right?

Well, according to one TikToker who was a former housekeeper for a four-star hotel, where you stay really does not matter.

In fact, the woman has actually cautioned the TikTok community to steer clear of numerous hotel room appliances, linens, and general amenities that she knows are not thoroughly cleaned between guests.

“Here are some things that I would not use or touch when I stay at a hotel coming from someone who used to clean hotel rooms,” the woman began.

First, she said patrons should never use a hotel room’s coffee pot or glassware. Apparently, they are not actually disinfected between uses.

Instead, housekeepers simply rinse them out in the bathroom sink before drying them with the same rag used to clean the rest of the room. Yuck!

Next, the TikToker advised all vacationers to steer clear of the hotel ice bucket. Sure, some people use them for more innocent purposes– like water bowls for pet dogs.

TikTok; pictured above is this woman in her video

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